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Welcome to I2SL's Global Community for sustainable laboratories! Here you can align with the sustainable high-tech building community by becoming an I2SL Member, or find a product or service provider that can help you create a more sustainable, high-tech facility.

I2SL Members lend their expertise to develop resources that will guide the high-tech facility community toward creating more sustainable facilities. Learn more about the opportunities and benefits I2SL offers its members.

I2SL Chapters promote the mission and activities of I2SL within the Chapter's area of activities, receiving several benefits in return.

I2SL Global Community Providers are architects, planners, engineers, manufacturers, and related individuals and companies that have expertise in sustainable, high-tech facility projects. Need a firm to help build or retrofit your laboratory? Looking for a specific piece of laboratory equipment? Want to promote your product or service to an interested audience? Find your match here!



Listings in the Global Community are not endorsed by I2SL. The Global Community is not an exhaustive list of resources and will be continuously updated with new organizations. I2SL cannot be held liable for the actions of the organizations listed, the contents of the referenced websites, or the inclusion and/or omission of organizations and/or websites in this list.