Transcript of Lisa Jackson's Video Address at the Labs21 2009 Annual Conference

I'm happy to welcome you to the Labs21 2009 Annual Conference. Many of you know that I'm a scientist by training; I studied chemical engineering in college and graduate school, and started my career at EPA in the late 1980's, as a staff scientist. I've had a firsthand view of how laboratories have changed over the years, and how new demands, and new innovations, have presented challenges and opportunities. That experience also taught me the value of making labs cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Resource demands take a toll economically and environmentally, and I know we all agree that important scientific exploration designed to protect the environment shouldn't end up contributing to our challenges.

President Obama has asked EPA to ensure that the best science informs our environmental agenda. Better, more efficient laboratories allow us to conduct the most thorough research, collect the data we need in a timely fashion, and present the strongest evidence to guide our most important decisions. I'm looking to the Labs21 community to lead the way in building the facilities of tomorrow; labs that will not only foster the advancement of science and research but also provide a model of sustainability for other facilities.

The information and tools EPA provides, the actions we take, and the decisions we make, are based on the science that happens in your laboratories. We're counting on you to prepare EPA and others to face the environmental challenges of the 21st century. With great minds like yours working on issues from global warming to waste management, I'm confident about our future. I'm proud to be back at EPA to work with all of you to help us achieve our mission and happy to support the Labs21 effort. Thank you very much, and enjoy the conference.