Additional 2010 Conference Information


Picture of three chile ristras
Three strings of chile ristras
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Working Group Meetings

This year's conference did not include any working group meetings.


Cutting-Edge Roundtables

Tuesday and Wednesday late mornings featured a discussion about the most innovative and ground-breaking topics in laboratory sustainability.


Greening the Conference

As with previous conferences, I2SL made the Labs21 2010 Annual Conference as green as possible.


Conference Testimonials

Read what Labs21 Annual Conference attendees have to say about their experience at the conference.


Transportation, Restaurants, and Activities in Albuquerque

I2SL assembled a list of activities and restaurants in the Albuquerque area for conference attendees. Take a look at the information we have collected.

Picture of the Sandia Mountains

The Sandia Mountains

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Post-Conference Sightseeing Tours

In 2010, I2SL provided access to some exciting post-conference sightseeing tours.