Revamping the Labs21 Environmental Performance Criteria (EPC)

Lindsey Kayman, Counsel in Occupational & Environmental Health, Inc.

In 2010, I2SL began collaborating with a group of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals to identify best practices for ensuring effective, streamlined EH&S input into laboratory facility design and retrofit projects, and to incorporate these practices and other EH&S concerns into the Labs21 EPC. The collaboration is also focusing on how to make the EPC into a "living" certification program tool accommodating not only design and engineering for energy efficiency, but also EH&S assurances, operations and maintenance, commissioning, and user satisfaction. The discussion will cover current recommendations for changes to the EPC, input from audience members on their experiences, and implementation strategies.


Lindsey Kayman is a certified industrial hygienist who recently became a LEED AP® in Operations and Maintenance. She obtained a bachelors degree in chemistry from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and a masters in Environmental Health Sciences and Air Pollution Control from Harvard School of Public Health. Ms. Kayman has over 20 years experience managing the environmental health and safety departments at Medical Schools and Hospitals, most recently UMDNJ. She is currently consulting in a number of areas, mainly with Counsel in Occupational and Environmental Health.

Ms. Kayman has been a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Health and Safety Committee for many years and she developed and maintained their comprehensive website for 8 years. Recently, she drafted her colleagues on that committee to review and comment on the Labs 21 Environmental Performance Criteria. In August, this lead to a contract with I2SL, for her to come up with a structure for I2SL to offer an ongoing rating system and as well as a first draft of possible evaluation criteria for continual laboratory performance improvement. Her talk at the Labs21 2011 Annual Conference was about what she came up with for evaluation criteria. Lindsey also led a morning roundtable to discuss her ideas about how such a program could be structured.