2012 Technology and Services Fair

See who exhibited in the Technology and Services Fair.

The Labs21 Technology and Services Fair gives organizations who meet the needs of high-tech facilities—such as laboratories, data centers, cleanrooms, and hospitals—the chance to introduce their technologies, systems, and services to the Labs21 Annual Conference audience.

Basic information about the Technology and Services Fair:



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The Labs21 Annual Conference attracts 700 facility managers, engineers, designers, owners, and operators from around the world.

Based on a 2010 survey:

  • 30 percent of attendees have purchasing power.
  • 55 percent will be starting a new project within the year.

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Exhibitor Presentation Opportunities

Sustainable Equipment Sessions

Sustainable Equipment Sessions were offered as part of the conference technical program. These sessions, presented by exhibitors, provide technical information on how laboratory equipment and systems reduce energy and water consumption, improve environmental performance, and enhance overall building management, while also meeting the requirements of the users.

Take a look at the topics and speakers for the first and second Sustainable Equipment Sessions.

Technology Demonstrations

Learn about this year's Technology Demonstrations.

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Exhibiting Organizations

Advantage Business Media/Lab Design

Booth: 64


Booth: 45

AirClean Systems+

Booths: 76, 77

Aircuity, Inc.+

Booth: 18

American Auto-Matrix

Booth: 29


Booth: 33

The Baker Company

Booth: 2


Booth: 39

Critical Room Control

Booth: 10

DuctSox Corporation

Booth: 41

Erlab, Inc.+

Booths: 43, 44

Field Management Services

Booth: 66

Flow Safe, Inc.+

Booth: 32


Booth: 14

Gilbane Building Company

Booth: 68

Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

Booth: 42

Greenheck Fan Corporation+

Booth: 35

HEMCO Corporation+

Booth: 40


Booth: 21

Integral Group

Booth: 20

Isolation Sciences LLC

Booth: 58

JE Dunn Construction+

Booth: 67

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation+

Booths: 61, 62

LabAire Systems

Booth: 47

Labconco Corporation+

Booth: 6

Lab Crafters, Inc.+

Booths: 50, 51

Lab Design

Booth: 22

Langdon, Inc.

Booth: 37

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Booth: 31

Miele Professional+

Booth: 1


Booth: 25

nora systems, Inc.+

Booth: 59

ONICON Incorporated

Booth: 19

Phoenix Controls+

Booths: 15, 16

PIAB Vacuum Products, represented by George T. White Co.+

Booth: 5

Schneider Electric

Booth: 71


Booth: 4

Siemens Industry Inc., Building Technologies Division+

Booth: 11

Sika Corporation

Booth: 12

Starline Plug-In Raceway

Booth: 17

Stäubli Corporation

Booth: 57

Strobic Air Corporation+

Booth: 7

Technical Safety Services, Inc.

Booth: 30


Booths: 78, 79

Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing

Booth: 72

Trespa North America+

Booth: 38


Booth: 36


Booth: 23

TSI, Inc.+

Booth: 26

Tuttnauer USA

Booth: 34

Twin City Fan & Blower

Booth: 63


Booth: 65

Waldner, Inc.+

Booth: 13

WaterSaver Faucet Co.+

Booth: 8

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company+

Booth: 27



+ Denotes Labs21 Technology and Services Fair Exhibitor for five or more years, excluding 2012.

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Please note that vendor participation in the Labs21 Technology and Services Fair does not imply endorsement by EPA, DOE, or I2SL.