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August 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

Run Your Retrofit Projects Smoothly With
I2SL's New Best Practices Guide

I2SL understands how lab facilities must balance infrastructure needs and the needs of researchers, as well as how retrofit projects challenge that balance. To help you expertly tackle this issue, Alison Farmer, Ph.D., kW Engineering; Matt Gudorf, University of California, Irvine; and I2SL collaborated to produce a new Best Practices Guide: Energy Efficiency Projects and Principal Investigators.

Energy Efficiency Projects and Principal Investigators offers expert advice for making retrofit projects run as smoothly as possible. Within the guide, you can find best practices for cultivating cooperation and communication with key lab personnel throughout the retrofit process so that lab construction doesn’t have to be a major disruption.

If you’re already an I2SL Member, the guide is yours for free! To download, log into the Member Portal, navigate to I2SL Tools, and select Best Practices Guide: Energy Efficiency Projects and Principal Investigators. If you’re not a Member, join today to receive this guide and the other Member benefits I2SL has to offer. Non-I2SL Members can purchase the guide for $35.

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Dig Deeper Into Engaging Researchers in Sustainability Efforts

Check out these other resources that can help engage laboratory users in sustainability efforts:

If you are interested in working with I2SL to develop a resource on engaging researchers, or other relevant topics, then I2SL wants to hear from you! Contact I2SL with your resource idea. You can also learn more about and join one of our Working Groups, or add your technical papers to I2SL's E-Library to share proven solutions and strategies with industry colleagues.

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