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February 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

Sustainability Scoop: New Approaches to Fume Hood Efficiency

Fume hoods help keep researchers safe from exposure to hazardous airborne materials. Unfortunately (and this might not be news to most readers) fume hoods cost a lot to operate! In fact, fume hoods can consume as much as 50% of a lab’s operating costs1. The good news is that advancements in laboratory ventilation are helping fume hood operation become more energy efficient and affordable.

The Consensus Statements: Outcomes of Fume Hood Summit, published in 2015, reflects the changes in laboratory chemical ventilation technology and use since 1998—when the last consensus statements were released—and shares successful ways to reduce overall fume hood energy use and consumption costs without compromising the health and safety of occupants and their surrounding environment. Everybody wins!

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In addition to the Consensus Statements: Outcomes of Fume Hood Summit, consider these resources:


1Source: Laboratory Design Newsletter