I2SL Sustainability Scoop

January 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

What I2SL's Wiki Can Do For You

I2SL's Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki includes energy data and best practice information on dozens of types of laboratory equipment. The wiki provides:

  • Purchasing information so the most efficient equipment can be selected
  • Researchers information on how to use existing equipment with the least energy
  • Realistic estimates of power consumption for different types of equipment.

Laboratory equipment users are invited to peruse the wiki to determine the energy efficiency of existing equipment or consider equipment efficiency before purchasing new equipment. Energy-efficient laboratory equipment manufacturers are invited to add their equipment to the wiki. Instructions for adding equipment are on the Equipment Types pages.

Dig Deeper Into Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment

In addition to the Energy-Efficient Laboratory Equipment Wiki, consider these efficient laboratory equipment resources: