I2SL Sustainability Scoop

May 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

Get Your Continuing Education Credits Anytime With I2SL

Whether you want to dive deep into sustainable laboratory topics, or you are looking to obtain continuing education credits for your professional certifications, I2SL can help you! I2SL's Training Archive has more than five years' worth of recorded I2SL High-Tech Talk webinars covering topics ranging from sub-metering to university green lab programs to fume hood efficiency, each worth one continuing education credit, that you can access at any time.

As an I2SL Member, you can view these resources for free via the Member Portal, or if you are not already a Member, you can sign up today and gain full access to the archive. Non-Members can also purchase access to individual webinar recordings.

Show me how to earn continuing education credits through I2SL

Dig Deeper Into I2SL Training

In addition to the I2SL High-Tech Talk webinar series, I2SL provides the following educational offerings:

  • The 2016 I2SL Annual Conference. Conference attendees are typically able to earn nearly 20 continuing education credits over four days by participating in a variety of educational sessions. Conference registration is now open so Register today!
  • More than a dozen workshops that I2SL invites you to host. Visit I2SL's website for workshop descriptions and details on how to host a workshop in your region. Continuing education credits are available for workshop attendees.