I2SL Sustainability Scoop

September 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

Start the Semester Promoting Sustainability

At a time when students are decorating their dorm rooms, who says you can't decorate your lab and promote sustainability at the same time? University of Colorado (CU) Boulder's Green Labs Program makes it easy with an array of vibrant posters that are free to download. These posters are a spirited and eye-catching way to remind your colleagues—and yourself—what actions you can take to enhance your lab's sustainability.

CU offers a library of more than 30 posters featuring sustainability-related topics such as freezers, collaborative spaces, water conservation, and beyond. You can even customize the posters in a PDF-editing program to fit your lab's specific needs and culture.

These posters aren't just for educational institutions, they're for any lab looking to make practices greener and walls more colorful. Learn more about these posters on I2SL's website.

Show me CU's Green Labs program posters.

Dig Deeper Into Promoting Laboratory Sustainability

For more in-depth ways to promote sustainability in your lab, check out these resources from I2SL:

Keeping Talking on This Topic

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