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November 2016

International Institute for Sustainable Laoratories

Tap Into the I2SL Annual Conference Presentations Archive

Whether you're looking to refresh your memory of 2016 I2SL Annual Conference presentations or explore them for the first time, the Annual Conference Presentations Archive awaits! This archive hosts the collected presentations, descriptions, and speaker bios from this year's sessions on net-zero laboratories, animal health, sustainable design strategies, and more.

If reviewing the 2016 I2SL Annual Conference presentations makes you wish for a way to travel back to previous conferences, the archive also has presentations from 2002 to the present. These records give you access to the insights of professionals in years past and allow you to see how sustainability in labs has evolved.

Attendees can view the 2016 presentations for a limited time, but I2SL Members have unlimited access to the full archive through the Member Portal. If you aren't a member already, this is one of the many reasons to join! Learn more about becoming a member.

Dig Deeper Into Membership Benefits

As a full-fledged I2SL Member, you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips, including:

  • Free access to I2SL High-Tech Talks webinars, including the upcoming sessions on financing options for energy-based projects and HVAC control strategies.
  • Invitation to identify, lead, and participate in various I2SL Working Groups and their committees.
  • Discounted I2SL Annual Conference registration, which means more affordable access to workshops, presentations, exhibits, and tours designed to help you master sustainable practices.