Management and Maintenance of High-Performance Laboratory Ventilation Systems

May 26, 2016
1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Eastern Daylight Time


The laboratory ventilation system is one of the most critical and costly systems installed in a laboratory building. People working in, on, or around laboratories rely on proper design and operation of the laboratory hoods and ventilation systems to provide safe and productive laboratory environments. However, the hoods and systems are expensive to purchase, install, operate, and maintain.

High-performance fume hoods and ventilation systems are increasingly being installed in new and renovated laboratories to provide better control of environmental conditions, maximize safety, increase flexibility, and minimize energy consumption. However, one of the most critical findings from an I2SL survey of laboratory facilities indicated that the new ventilation system technologies are rapidly outpacing the skills, knowledge, and resources of facilities and environmental safety and health personnel charged with managing and maintaining efficient and effective operation. Extensive training of personnel and implementation of a comprehensive laboratory ventilation management program are keys to achieving success. This webinar will describe high-performance laboratory ventilation systems, the benefits of a laboratory ventilation management program, and a series of training courses under development by I2SL to help manage and maintain high-performance laboratory ventilation systems.

After viewing this presentation, attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of implementing high-performance laboratory ventilation systems.
  • Understand the operational complexities of commissioning, managing, and maintaining high-performance laboratory ventilation systems.
  • Understand the risks of failing to properly manage and maintain the laboratory ventilation system.
  • Understand roles of different stakeholders and the necessity for laboratory ventilation management programs.


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Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Credits

Webinar attendees and those who view the recording can earn one Professional Development Hour (PDH) for professional engineers or one Learning Unit (LU) from the American Institute of Architects for registered architects.

Contact I2SL after the webinar if you would like to receive a credit for your participation.

Instructor Biography

Thomas C. Smith is the president and CEO of Exposure Control Technologies (ECT), Inc. Mr. Smith has more than 30 years of experience helping laboratory facilities design, build, operate, manage, and maintain laboratory hoods and ventilation systems. He founded ECT, Inc. in 1994 to help research facilities achieve safe, energy-efficient, and sustainable performance laboratory ventilation systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science in environmental engineering (industrial hygiene) from the University of North Carolina. Mr. Smith has served as chair of ASHRAE TC9.10 Laboratory Systems, chair of the ANSI/AIHA Z9 Standards for Ventilation and Health, and vice chair of the ANSI/ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Testing Standard. He was recently inducted into the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Hall of Fame at North Carolina State University. Mr. Smith has participated in hundreds of laboratory ventilation projects and helped optimize performance of thousands of laboratory hoods and ventilation systems.


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