Receive Project Assistance Through an I2SL Sustainable Advisory Session

Hosting a workshop through I2SL brings a sustainability expert to your organization. While they are there, you can further utilize their expertise by holding an I2SL Sustainable Advisory Session. These half-day or full-day sessions will provide targeted sustainability guidance on new construction or retrofit projects. The sustainable design and engineering professionals leading the session can equip host institutions with the proper knowledge to maximize efficiency in their projects.

Sustainable Advisory Sessions are tailored to your organization's needs and designed to give your project personalized attention. Session participants will not only gain knowledge from the courses, and learn the overarching tools and general principles of sustainable design and engineering, they will also receive the added value of participating in focused working groups to put that knowledge to use on their own projects.

I2SL's workshop offerings introduce strategies for designing and building sustainable laboratories in both new and existing facilities. Hands-on Sustainable Advisory Sessions can be arranged as a follow-up to most courses offered through I2SL.

To learn more about hosting a workshop and/or a Sustainable Advisory Sessions, please contact I2SL.


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