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I2SL's High-Tech Talks Webinar Series

Monthly webinar offerings intended to educate, connect, and diversify the sustainable laboratory and high-performance facility community.

I2SL's Teachable Site

I2SL's Teachable account houses I2SL trainings and courses, such as session recordings from the 2020 Virtual I2SL Conference. Create your free account and explore all the courses available.

Training Courses

A Primer to Improve Airflow in Labs and Critical Workspaces

This virtual training is a condensed version of 3Flow's I2SL O&M training class. Attendees will learn about airflow in critical environments and lab ventilation management practices.

O&M Lab Ventilation Management Level 1: Understanding of Laboratory Airflow Controls

This training examines topics relevant to personnel in O&M, engineering, and Environmental, Health, and Safety.

O&M Lab Ventilation Management Level 2: Testing and Maintenance of Airflow Control Systems

Level 1 is a pre-requisite requirement of the Level 2 training. The second level dives deeper into HVAC systems, testing to gauge performance, and troubleshooting problems. Lesson 2 dates to be announced.

Sustainable Strategies for Laboratory Planning and Design
A workshop that introduces strategies for designing and building sustainable laboratories in both new and existing facilities.


All workshops are taught by seasoned laboratory designers, energy managers, and facilities professionals. The following are courses that I2SL offers:

Basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for Sustainable Laboratories
This lecture helps attendees separate substance and value out of CFD simulations and discusses a few selected applications of CFD for laboratory ventilation systems including laboratory design optimization, demand control ventilation, and stack exhaust plume dispersion.

Building a Green Lab Engagement Program
This workshop will describe the impact that green lab engagement programs can have on a research campus and describe two university green lab programs in particular: University of Colorado-Boulder and University of California-Davis.

Designing Safe and Energy-Efficient Laboratory Exhaust Systems
This workshop offers new advancements in designing safe and energy-efficient laboratory exhaust systems and include examples of case studies that demonstrate how these design strategies should be implemented.

Energy-Efficient Laboratory Ventilation Design Practices and Technologies
During this workshop attendees will learn about a progression of complimentary airside technologies and design practices that can be used to significantly and safely reduce ventilation-related energy expenses.

Evaluate the Savings and Return on Investment (ROI) of Laboratory Energy Savings Strategies
Learn about a comprehensive custom laboratory energy analysis and ROI spreadsheet tool that evaluates the combined savings of multiple laboratory energy efficiency measures.

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