I2SL Workshop: Laboratory Commissioning Workshop

Commissioning is an important component in furthering sustainable design in high-performance facilities, with benefits that can sometimes be overlooked. Labs21 and I2SL recognize that the successful commissioning of a laboratory helps to ensure the lasting value of the investment, the safe operation of the facility, and that the intended sustainability attributes deigned and engineered into the facility function as they should. As such, I2SL will build on the presentation of commissioning principles already discussed in the Introductory Course through this expanded half-day workshop focused on laboratory commissioning. 

The workshop provides a robust consideration of commissioning principles, including key targets for laboratory commissioning, a review of system interactions and their relationships to sustainability, performance metrics, scheduling, and associated costs. The workshop is designed to assist facility owners, managers, designers, and operators in understanding the value of this function in new and existing laboratories. The course will provide a strong foundation and understanding of commissioning to assure excellent communications between owners, users, and the design and construction teams that can maximize a building's capabilities.

The commissioning workshop is open to all attendees, however, it is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of sustainable design techniques, or have taken the Introductory Course, which provides a brief overview of commissioning.


Dale Hitchings, SAFELAB Corporation


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