O&M Lab Ventilation Management

Cary, NC

Laboratory facility researchers and personnel rely on proper operation of laboratory ventilation systems to protect them from exposure to hazardous materials. The increasing complexity of ventilation systems supporting laboratory environments requires a deep understanding of the components and controls, operations and maintenance (O&M), and methods to maintain consistent operation.

Level 1: Understanding of
Laboratory Airflow Controls

This training examines pressing topics relevant to personnel in O&M, engineering, and environmental, health, and safety. 3Flow designed the course to provide a foundational understanding of O&M of critical airflow systems and controls. This course is the first in a series of trainings that explore O&M of laboratory facilities. The level 2 training focuses on HVAC systems, industry standard testing procedures, troubleshooting and maintenance, and data management. Learn more here.

Course topics include:

  • Description of modern laboratory airflow control systems and components
  • Standards, codes, and guidelines
  • Control devices
  • System types, operation, and performance
  • Integrating Building Automation System (BAS) and controls
  • Laboratory Ventilation Management Program (LVMP)

Level 2: Testing and Maintenance of
Airflow Systems and Controls

This training focuses on HVAC systems, industry standard testing procedures, troubleshooting and maintenance, and data management. With “real world” testing scenarios and training materials, this training gives participants the knowhow they need to understand airflow system O&M. Please note that Level 1, Advanced Understanding of Laboratory Airflow, is a prerequisite for this course. Learn more here.

Course topics include:

  • System testing and maintenance
  • Laboratory environment test procedures
  • Exposure control device test procedures
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Building Automation System (BAS) reports and alarms
  • Management of change

Course Fees and Registration

  Non-Member I2SL Member Group Discount*
Level 1 $875 $725 10% discount
Level 2 $875 $725 10% discount

* Must be from the same organization


Tom Smith is the president and CEO of 3Flow (formerly known as Exposure Control Technologies). For 30+ years he has worked to provide safe, efficient and sustainable facilities. He has degrees in engineering and industrial hygiene from North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina. Tom is active professionally and served as the Chair of ASHRAE TC9.10 Laboratory Systems and the AIHA Z9 Standards. He is on the I˛SL Board of Directors and was a recent inductee to the Alumni Hall of Fame for the Mechanical Engineering Department at NCSU.


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