Fume Hood Testing, Maintenance, and Management

This in-depth, two-day course will: help attendees analyze fume hood types and specify appropriate tests for constant air volume and variable air volume (CAV and VAV) systems; conduct fume hood performance tests; operate, calibrate, and maintain test equipment; collect, analyze, and report fume hood performance test data; and manage performance data to achieve and maintain safe, dependable, and efficient ventilation systems. At the end of this course, participants will be capable of specifying appropriate fume hood tests, conducting tests according to standard methods, and managing test data to ensure performance of laboratory fume hoods.

For maximum learning, the course is divided into classroom lecture sessions and lab sessions for combining theoretical and practical knowledge. The labs enable hands-on experience and development of testing skills. The labs will involve CAV and VAV test methods, lab environment tests, and diagnosing hood performance problems when subject to a number of common challenges. The practical experience will enable participants to identify, diagnose, and specify repair of dysfunctional fume hood systems. In addition, participants will learn how to manage data to improve operating efficiency of the lab system.

Course Overview

Day 1

  • Factors affecting operation and performance of lab hoods and ventilation systems
  • Lab Environment (LETs) and system operating tests
  • Lab Activity
    • Lab Environment, pressure, and flow measurement
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods
    • Design and operation
  • Fume Hood Operating Tests
    • Face velocity
    • Cross-drafts
    • VAV operation
  • Lab Activity
    • Fume hood face velocity, cross draft, and VAV tests
  • Operational data analysis

Day 2

  • Fume hood performance tests
    • Airflow visualization test
    • Tracer gas test
  • Lab Activity
    • Smoke and tracer gas tests
  • Performance data analysis
  • Lab Activity
    • Tracer gas performance test
  • Problem diagnostics and analysis
  • Fume hood monitors and VAV controls
  • Exam

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