2020 I2SL Annual Conference
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Siemens creates the ideal environments to support the life science industry. Environments that meet the highest standards to achieve sustainable success: safety to protect your people, investments, and research; efficiency to keep operational costs to a minimum; security to safeguard assets, knowledge, and people; and compliance to fulfill regulatory demands. Creating environments that care. Smart infrastructure for life science from Siemens.

We make rooms and buildings safe and comfortable for the people who use them. At the same time, the world is becoming ever more digitized and connected; billions of intelligent devices are generating and exchanging massive amounts of data, which means we have a wealth of information available to make better decisions about how to create and operate ideal life science environments.

Better living tomorrow made possible by Intelligent Labs today

Siemens Intelligent Lab Infrastructure

The Life Science industry is abuzz with the ideas of “intelligent” laboratories. But why is it necessary to transform outdated labs to intelligent labs? What are the driving factors causing this industry shift in such life science environments, and what exactly is required for a lab to be intelligent?

An Intelligent Lab Infrastructure implements a holistic, digital optimization strategy that begins with Siemens Green Lab Solution (GLS) approach. Our approach, which is based on data, predictive equipment maintenance, and digital lab services, helps improve lab performance and occupant comfort, and fosters future innovative research and development.

GOLO® Intelligent Air Valve for Critical Environments

Siemens GOLO Intelligent Air Valve

A safe research lab environment requires clean air. From biocontainment and forensic crime to vivarium and pharmaceutical spaces, one factor remains constant: laboratory spaces are energy-intensive and require precise controls to function properly. Creating an Intelligent Lab environment means that you can not only achieve proper ventilation rates for your safe lab requirements, you can also apply airflow reduction strategies for a more sustainable, cost-effective approach.

The GOLO® intelligent air valve is the next generation of airflow control that’s applicable for both retrofit lab and commercial applications as well as new lab construction and design. It provides 100:1 turndown capability to deliver lower-controlled minimum airflows that enable more energy savings while maintaining safe, pressurized environments. It is enabled by lower duct velocities and lower pressure drops to save additional fan energy.

GOLO is a high precision, low airflow measurement and control terminal unit that uses a dual blade damper system and advanced algorithms. Its unique design results in a reduced energy usage, simplified design, and greater flexibility. It has the largest flow range for its size and most accurate controls available on the market.


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