2020 I2SL Annual Conference
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Triatek by Johnson Controls offers the broadest line of laboratory HVAC control products on the market including:

  • Venturi air valves
  • Venturi air valve retrofit kits
  • Measured airflow valves
  • Room pressure and environment controllers and monitors
  • Low flow high performance fume hoods and conversion kits
  • Fume hood controls for third party fume hoods

Our products work together to provide clean air throughout the laboratory space and to pull aerosols and harsh chemicals away from occupants so they can breathe easy and focus on their work. Register to attend the 2020 I2SL Annual Conference and stop by our booth to learn more about our versatile solutions, read case studies, review data sheets, ask questions, and learn why Triatek by Johnson Controls is a partner you can trust to help you create a safer, more sustainable laboratory.

Which valve is right for your facility?

COVID-19 Disease Mitigation


Our products can help you mitigate the spread of harmful chemicals and airborne pathogens like COVID-19 by increasing the amount of clean air flowing through your laboratory facility.

An effective, multi-faceted approach includes increasing the amount of clean outdoor air and increasing the amount of filtered recirculated air. This strategy decreases pathogen exposure probability by diluting and removing aerosols.

Temperature, room pressurization, and relative humidity also aid in destabilizing airborne viral transmission by reducing cross contamination and creating protective environments for occupants. Contact Caroline Moore to find out more about our robust and easy-to-install solutions including room pressure controls, MERV-13 filters, portable HEPA filters, and UV-C lighting fixtures.

A Sustainable, Holistic Laboratory Control Strategy

Triatek by Johnson Controls can offer a sustainable, holistic laboratory control strategy from the smallest sensor to the most robust building automation system, so you can install best-in-class solutions all from one provider. From optimizing laboratory performance to improving safety and enhancing comfort, we drive the outcomes that matter most. Whether your laboratory's mission is to research, educate, create, or test, we can help you achieve it.

Laboratory HVAC

Product Feature: The FlowSafe Stable Vortex II Fume Hood + Conversion Kit

FlowSafe Stable Vortex Fume Hood

Fume hoods are big energy hogs within labs. Replacing your inefficient fume hoods could make a major difference in your energy expense bottom line but what about safety?

The FlowSafe Stable Vortex Fume Hood was designed to provide a premiere level of safety for the user, but a byproduct of the elegant design is its reduced energy consumption, making it a win-win solution for researchers and energy officers.

Check out our pre-recorded webinar and learn how the hood's patented technology works to keep users safe, how it goes above and beyond the ASHRAE 110 test, and why FlowSafe fume hoods require less energy to properly contain chemicals and fumes. Conversion kits are also available!

Check out the data sheet.

Contact Caroline Moore for more information about this product.

Product Feature: The FMS-2000 Critical Environment Controller

FlowSafe Stable Vortex Fume Hood

The FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller ensures laboratory settings are safe for all occupants by continuously verifying room pressure and airflow.

It can precisely control and monitor six parameters including differential pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, and air changes per hour.

One controller can control or monitor up to four spaces simultaneously for any of the six parameters. This controller has a displayed flow resolution down to 0.0001 in. W.C. and instantly updates as conditions change.

Check out the data sheet.

Contact Caroline Moore for more information about this product.

Product Feature: The EcoAir Valve

EcoAir Valve

The EcoAir Valve is a powerful, ultra-low pressure drop valve designed with airflow sensing and debris-proof technology.

This valve provides safety, reliability, and energy efficiency for critical environment HVAC design.

The EcoAir Valve can be used in tandem with Venturi Valves within laboratory spaces. The unique blade design results in high turn-down ratios with more resolute control at the near closed position.

The design also protects sensors from getting blocked and does not require an access panel to clean the valve.

Check out the data sheet.

Contact Caroline Moore for more information about this product.


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