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Compressor Life The service duration expected for a compressor. It is an important measure of quality and may vary depending on temperature settings or range.
Cubic Feet The volume of an appliance which makes comparisons easy. Volume may also be compared in standard units for a research discipline, (e.g. molecular biology "# of boxes")
Footprint This is the square foot area covered by an appliance or instrument.
Heat Load The amount of waste heat generated by an appliance, essentially the same as power consumption (kWh). This may affect air conditioning when many instruments are in one room.
kiloWatthour (kWh) This is the primary unit of electrical power consumption.
kiloWatthour per day (kWh/d) This is a convenient unit to compare power usage per day.
Plug Load The electicity demand in a building due to items plugged in or hard-wired for occupant needs, as distinguished from HVAC and lighting electricity.
Temperature Range The difference between high and low setpoints.
Ultra low Freezer These freezers maintain temperatures at least -70 degrees C.
Uniformity This is the consistency of temperature within a controlled chamber and is an important measure of storage quality, especially among freezers.

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