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Submission Guidelines

Users: Viewers and Editors

Viewers may browse these pages and offer discussion on any page. Viewers gain information to help them purchase equipment or design their lab.
Editors submit energy or performance data after they have been approved by a moderator. Refer to the contact page to request permission to add or edit pages on this site. Submit company or institution name, and contact phone #. Please submit performance information (basic power consumption during full power, standby, and as much performance information as you can) and your first entry will be reviewed by a moderator as to your status as a legitimate equipment user and your interest in energy savings versus promoting one brand of equipment. After that you will be allowed to submit information without review unless your reviews break guidelines for respectful language or extreme bias. Harshly critical or inflammatory language is not acceptable. Editors may be evaluated on their even-handed or thorough presentation of data.


Manufacturers of laboratory equipment are welcome to submit performance and reliability data about their equipment in the discussion pages of each entry. It must be clearly labeled as coming from a manufacturer, vendor or subsidiary. Manufacturers may also refer to the contact page to request permission to add or edit pages on this site.

Site Moderators

Site Moderators will review people wishing to submit information as either users or suppliers of equipment. We wish to split up moderation by category, so if you have experience with gas chromatographs or centrifuges, for instance, you would be a good site moderator for those categories. Please request to be a moderator if you feel qualified to do so and are a user, e.g. lab manager, grad student, full time researcher.

Submitting Energy Data: Creating a New Page

This website uses MediaWiki software which is what Wikipedia is built on. The pages are created using a wiki-markup language. You do not need to be familiar with this wiki-markup language to use this website, but it is helpful to know some basics. Formatting basics are available here.

To create a new page, click on one of the categories below. If your category does not exist, you can create one. On the category page, type in your new page name (the manufacturer and model number of the piece of equipment and the estimated completeness rank) in the input box and click the submit button. You will be provided with the empty syntax. Fill out as many variable fields as you have information for (input your text after the equals sign). To add the image, simply type the proposed filename. Once you have saved the new page, you can click on the image name which will send you to the upload page where you can upload your image file.

Besides the variable data fields, you can also input your own formatted text in the "Efficiency Features," "Other Sustainability Features," and "User Comments" sections. Most of the text input here should be in bulleted form. To create a bullet, just type an asterisk and then whatever text you want to enter. Check existing pages as guides to creating your own page.

Completeness Rank

Each page is ranked for completeness according to the following scale:
(4) - Information on energy use, efficiency/sustainability features, and user comments
(3) - Information on energy use and limited information in other areas
(2) - No energy use information, but some information on features and comments
(1) - Just feature information

This rank is assigned to the page's title in parentheses at the far right. To change the rank of a page, simply "move" the page and insert the new rank. To move a page, click the "move" button on the top button bar to the right of the "edit" button. The "move" button is only visible to users with sufficient rights to move pages. The "move" feature is essentially a rename feature and does not break existing links to the page.



Creating Categories

To create a new category, type Category:NAME in the "search" input box, replacing NAME with your proposed category name. Edit the category by writing a few descriptive statements about the category and any general energy efficiency information related to that category.


The empty syntax template will automatically be copied over to your new page. Fill in the appropriate values for as many fields as you have information for. Only the values that you have completed will show up in the completed infobox. If you have information that does not match a predefined field, you can add that information outside of the infobox on the page.

Empty Syntax Explained

{{Infobox Equipment
|name = 
|image = 
|manufacturer =
|producttype =
|model = 
|serial_number = 
|year_manufactured =
|voltage = 
|nameplateamps =
|speed = 
|capacity =
|options1 = equipment options
|options2 =
|options3 =
|options4 =
|website = [ Supplier]

== Energy Efficiency Information ==

=== Energy Use and Power ===
{{Energy Use and Power
|powerdraw_nameplate = nameplate power (W)
|powerdraw_in_active_mode = power draw in active mode (W)
|can_user_set_active_mode = can the user set the active mode?
|hours_in_active_mode_per_week = how many hours is the unit active during a week period?
|kWh_in_active_mode_per_week = kWh for active mode
|description_of_mode1 = a description for power mode 1
|powerdraw_in_mode1 = the power draw for power mode 1 (W)
|can_user_set_mode1 = can the user set the power mode 1?
|hours_in_mode1_per_week = how many hours is the unit in power mode 1 during a week period?
|kWh_in_mode1_per_week = kWh for power mode 1 (hours_in_mode1_per_week * powerdraw_in_mode1)
|description_of_mode2 = a description for power mode 2
|powerdraw_in_mode2 = the power draw for power mode 2 (W)
|can_user_set_mode2 = can the user set the power mode 2?
|hours_in_mode2_per_week = how many hours is the unit in power mode 2 during a week period?
|kWh_in_mode2_per_week = kWh for power mode 2 (hours_in_mode2_per_week * powerdraw_in_mode2)
|powerdraw_in_standby_mode = the power draw for power standby mode (W)
|can_user_set_standby_mode = can the user set the standby mode?
|hours_in_standby_mode_per_week = how many hours is the unit in standby mode during a week period?
|kWh_in_standby_mode_per_week = kWh for power mode 1 (hours_in_standby_mode_per_week * powerdraw_in_standby_mode)

=== Efficiency Features ===
* some energy efficiency feature

=== Other Sustainability Features ===
* other sustainability feature, i.e. water cooled compressor

== User Comments ==
''Suggested categories for commentary include: reliability, repair ease, whether or not components are easily replaceable, cost, and overall quality of design.''
* my comments here

Examples of Performance and Features Entries

Refrigerators and incubators

  • Research quality features:
    • Uniformity
    • Range
    • Precision
  • Energy impacting features
    • Refrigerant
    • Insulation
    • Condenser coil placement
      • Behind with passive circulation
      • Underneath with active air circulation
      • On top with active air circulation
      • Embedded in appliance walls
    • Evaporator placement
      • Embedded in walls
      • Exposed in shelves
      • Behind panel with active circulation
    • Circulation fans
    • Materials
      • Recycled content: least toxic, no GHG propellants or expansion gases in insulation,
    • Design and electronics simplicity
      • Compressor cycling and thermostat sensitivity to air temperature
      • Options for temperature ranges
      • Condensate evaporation
      • Lighting switches, ballasts and bulbs
  • Durability features
    • Compressor life
    • Frost build-up: Frequency of defrosting needed
    • Door Seals, compartment dividers.
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Replaceable components: compressor, temperature controller
  • Cost: Range

Outside Help

MediaWiki Help Manual

Tips for Monitoring and Measuring the Power Consumption of Lab Equipment

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