I2SL University Alliance Group (UAG)

University Lead: Kathryn Ramirez-Aguilar, Green Labs Program Manager, University of Colorado-Boulder

Group Purpose

To share green lab and lab sustainability initiatives and work together as a group on driving changes to systems that will improve the environmental sustainability of scientific research, particularly at academic research institutions.

Group Activities

The group meets monthly via zoom. The meetings currently alternate between two focuses:

  1. Sharing of lab sustainability and green lab initiatives in place at research institutions, federal laboratories, and other non-profits.
  2. The Bringing Efficiency to Research (BETR) Grants initiative—which is focused on connecting efficiency and sustainability expectations and requirements to the funding of scientific research.

Participants and Get Involved

Participants in the group include professionals from academic research institutions and non-profits, as well as collaborators from federal agencies. If you are interested in participating in the UAG zoom meetings and being added to the group email list, please contact I2SL and/or kramirez@colorado.edu. Email messages are sent out prior to the meetings with zoom information and an agenda, as well updates and links to items of interest to the group.

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